Barbecue ingredients – Ingredients to make the Best Barbecue

Barbecue can be delicious and satisfying, or it can be a miserable mess. In order to keep it edible, it is important to use the correct barbecue ingredients while you grill. Although there is no set recipe for barbecue, many recipes follow a few simple rules.  And if you know those simple, basic rules, there’s absolutely no way you will go wrong when hosting a barbecue.

The first and most obvious thing you need for barbecue is meat or vegetables. Popular choices are chicken, beef, pork, fish, onions, corn, and peppers. You need to pick smaller cuts of meat so they can be served to people without cutting, and the vegetables need to be cut large enough so they don’t fall through the grill.  So when you have chosen your meat and vegetables you will have your most important barbecue ingredients ready.

The next thing you need to do is marinade or rub your meat. A marinade takes all night, while the meat soaks in the juices, and a rub takes just a few minutes. You can buy a marinade or rub from the store, or make one yourself. A good barbecue recipe involves something sweet, something tangy, something sweet, and something spicy. For example, a chicken recipe could include: jalapeno, garlic, vegetable oil, salt, honey, and lime. You need the olive oil to keep the chicken crispy instead of burnt. Other good barbecue ingredients include: teriyaki sauce, vinegar, hot sauce, black pepper, and barbecue sauce. You can always experiment with the combinations of spices and ingredients you prefer, but the basics stay the same.

Those are the most important ingredients you need for your barbecue, but you will need more.  There are a lot of side dishes you could serve at a barbecue.  Choose your side dishes after you have picked out the main meat and vegetables you want to serve, that way you can pick side dishes that go well with your main dish.  Enjoy your barbecue.

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